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I have been getting so many requests for information, cars wanted, parts wanted, and for sale. I also created a Facebook group for us to share information, pictures, events and more. Click here to join.   

We now have 285 Grand Ville's registered, including the famous Buckmobile. Customized by Nudie Cohen for Buck Owens, this fully customized car is now in Weston Connecticut USA. It is one of only 9 cars known to exist of the 18 that Nudie customized. Check out registry listing # 185 and more pictures here.

This started out over five years ago as a site to show visitors my restoration.  I am changing it into an informational site about Pontiac Grand Ville's where information can be exchanged by visitors to help with restoration and enjoyment of these large cars. 

This Grand Ville is now for sale. Click here for info.
1973 Pontiac Grandville Pontiac Grandville convertible located in Lucas Texas USA (Picture taken in Allen Texas) 

This 1973 Grand Ville was purchased by me in May of 2005.  It came from Pennsylvania and needed some work.  With 103,000 miles on the clock, this car has a 455ci 250 HP with power seats, sport package, power windows, power locks, remote trunk release, air conditioning (yes it works!)

Please enjoy this site and if you have any pictures of Grand Ville's or other information, please send it along.

Brian Hiatt
Allen, Texas USA

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Dwight Yoakam/Buck Owens video that has the famous Buckmobile Pontiac Grand Ville convertible in it.  Wait until the end.
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